If I had my way, I would document every living illustrator in some way.

There are so many illustrators in the past that have disappeared and all that remains are some tear-sheets and a name. Nothing about who they are or what they thought about their careers or lives. No morsel of history for illustration fans to sink their teeth into. In these interviews, I do try to go further into who the artists are by not merely asking about work, but asking about their lives. 

I cannot be the historian I would like to be but if I could document an illustrator, artist or creative every now and again then I would feel like I am contributing to the history to the career I've been doing my entire life.

Another reason why this site exists is in the last few years, I've been experimenting and working with photography and have been building a body of work. An outlet like this gives me the opportunity to work on my ideas of what I want to do as a photographer. I'll experiment with different formats and cameras. Notations of the equipment with accompany the interviews.

As of June 2016, I don't know how many I will be doing or how frequently they'll be posted. I have four already planned and most of them photographed. I have no idea where this will go from there. I guess I'll call it one of my life-long side-projects.

Thank you for visiting. 
Scott Bakal


To create a better hub for illustrator-centric interviews and history, I am including links below to historic and contemporary illustrator interviews and podcasts. This will be updated as needed.

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Today's Inspiration Flickr - Incredible albums of mid-20th Century artists images.

Norman Rockwell Museum Permanent Collection Archive

Society of Illustrators Flickr - Albums focusing on contemporary illustrator events.